Here are instructions on how to use various ICT applications (software). Hopefully you will find some great ICTs to use in your classroom and elsewhere. Let Jenny know if there are particular things you need to know how to do. Don't forget to check out TeacherTube and YouTube for video help.

Just a reminder - downloading from these online video sites should not be done by a whole class at once as the Internet will slow right down and you'll get very frustrated. Better to use it from the front as a whole class thing, or within Moodle activities perhaps where access will be varied. There are also suitability / unsuitable content access issues to consider if students are allowed to access YouTube by themselves.

An area for skill development in using our interactive whiteboards.
An introduction to using ICT at Toongabbie Christian School.  Any enquiries can be directed to Michael Playford our IT Manager (the technical side), Jenny Walker our ICT coordinator (using ICTs in education/minimal technical).  IT problems should be added to the Help desk by clicking on the question mark at the top right of this page and logging in with your school login.